• MODELS 3 (see the specifications in the data sheet)
  • WEIGHTS from 240 to 1.270 kg
  • EXCAVATOR WEIGHTS from 2,5 to 21 ton
  • ø TRUNK from 50 to 450 mm
  • ROTATION optional
  • Request infomation
  • data sheet


It is the smallest and most maneuverable of the Trevi Benne tree shear family. A reliable, compact, low-maintenance and sturdy accessory.

It is perfect for:
- agricultural use in the felling and rapid harvesting of small trees and shrubs
- gardening for the landscape maintenance and care
- municipal administrations and land reclamation consortia in cleaning road edges, operating on both flat and steep and difficult-to-access terrain
- the upper accumulator and 90° + 90° oscillation system are available as options

  1. The optional upper accumulator allows multiple cuts and optimize the work cycle
  2. 2x50° slewing twin cylinders system as option
  3. Tree shear partial set up with accumulator
  4. Tree shear complete set up with accumulator and slewing twin cylinders system
Serie WL
Serie WL
Serie WL
Serie WL


Tree shears

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